Attestation / Apostille / HRD / MEA / SDM / Embassy / Visa / Flight / Tour / Honeymoon / Holidays ....-AL-MIRAAJ INTERNATIONAL

Attestation / Apostille / HRD / MEA / SDM / Embassy / Visa / Flight / Tour / Honeymoon / Holidays ....-AL-MIRAAJ INTERNATIONAL

What is Attestation ?

This is the process to certify the genuinity of the certificates from its concerned department for the purpose of employment or higher education in abroad. We provide certificate attestation services for Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar from various departments like Notary, GAD, State Home Ministry, SDM, Human Resource Development Department(HRD), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Embassy and Consulate for all kind of certificate attestation requirements like employment visa or family resident visa, Higher education, Promotion etc..


We provide Certificate Attestation and Authentication Services from various Departments like : -

HRD (Human Resource Development) state notary, concern Home Department Attestation,
GAD (General Administration Department) Attestation,
SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) Attestation,
MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)Attestation,
Embassy / Consulate Attestation,

for all kind of Certificate attestation requirements like Employment visa, Family resident visa, change of profession, change of Iqama, to pursue higher education in Foreign Country, write MOH(Ministry of Health) and DOH(Department of Health) examination by Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians etc.

Certificate Attestation service :-

This is a very important process particularly for those who wish to do jobs in foreign countries. Here, we have to follow the rules of MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) very strictly. Without MEA guidelines, the process becomes null and void.


Degree Certificate Attestation
Diploma Certificate Attestation
Nursing Certificate Attestation
HSC Certificate Attestation ,
SSLC Certificate Attestation ,
Mark Sheet Attestation ,
Marriage Certificate Attestation,
Birth certificate Attestation ,
Commercial Certificate Attestation ,
PCC - Police Clearance Certificate Attestation ,
Divorce Certificate Attestation ,
Death Certificate Attestation ,
Export - Import Certificate Attestation ,
School Leaving Certificates Attestation.
College Leaving Certificate Attestation Service.
Degree Certificates Attestation,
Mark Sheets Attestation,
Degree Certificate Attestation,
PG Degree Certificate Attestation
Pre Degree Certificate Attestation,
BE Certificate Attestation,
Diploma Certificate Attestation,
Nursing Certificate Attestation Service,
SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate Attestation,
Inter Certificate Attestation,
MBBS Certificate Attestation,
Dentists Certificate Attestation,
Engineering Certificate Attestation,
Transcript Certificate Attestation,
Transfer Certificate Attestation,
Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation,
Nursing Registration Certificate Attestation,
Pharmacy Certificate Attestation,
B Ed Certificate Attestation,
MS Certificate Attestation,
MD Certificate Attestation,
B Tech Certificate Attestation,<MORE>


Two types of Certificate’s:-Educational Certificate- It is authenticated from concern State HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department).

Non-Educational Certificate- It will not be authenticated from HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department). But some of the Embassy or Consulate attestations can be done for the following certificates.for more details contact AL-MIRAAJ INTERNATIONAL Tours&Travels :
1.Private certificate Attestation
2. Experience certificate Attestation
3.Bona-fide certificate Attestation
4. Birth certificate Attestation
5.Transfer certificate Attestation
6. Affidavit Attestation
7.Marriage certificate Attestation
8.Registration certificate Attestation
9.Power of Attorney Attestation
10.Death certificate Attestation
11.Migration certificate Attestation
12.Translation certificate Attestation
13.Divorce certificate Attestation
14.Transcript certificate Attestation
15.Legalization / certificate Attestation
16.Internship/Leaving certificate Attestation
17,Nursing Certificate Attestation
18,Halal Certificate Apostille/Attestation

19,Company Invoice Apostille / Attestation
20,Single Status Certificate Apostille / Attestation.

Among these jobs are Professional courses like M.B.B.S, engineering etc. If you wish for a GOVERNMENT job you need to attest your certificates. Many well established private limited companies and the multinationals too insist on certificate attestation. If u don't have your certificate attested there is a big chance for losing a good job that you have been offered. So make sure that you attest your certificate.


AL-MIRAAJ,has made footstep with a mission to give our customer "Best service". will give excellent services.Our vision to become the largest service provider for attestation with 100% genuinity, with par excellent customer service. We strongly believe in delivering the excellent service in least time and affordable rates to our customers.Our vision is to develop an enduring relationship with customers across the world by giving the highly professional and streamlined services at cost effective and competitive rates.Our pathway to all-round success is developments are based on our principles of commitment, hard work, and long lasting experience.Our services are 100% genuine.
Why AL-MIRAAJ is No.1 in the field of Apostille / Attestation?
100 % Genuine Attestation
Safe handling of Documents
Step by step tracking Mails
Fast and Prompt Service
Courier used to Transfer your Documents - BlueDart Express / DHL
Various Payment Options - Cash | DD | Credit Card | Bank Transfer .

What you need to know before approaching an Agent?

  • 1.Ensure you certificates are in Safe hands
  • 2.There are some agents listed in and other media advertisements with no proper office are likely doing fake attestation, After collecting your certificate and money they will switch off their mobile and you will be in Big trouble,
  • 3.Choose agents who are registered and having proper infrastructure to complete the entire process of Attestation,
  • 4.Putting fake seal on your certificate will make your future into Darkness
  • 5.If some agents offer Hrd attestation in unbelievable fast like one or two working days that if client directly approach it will take above 15 working days, and funny thing is there agents are not strictly allowed,
  • 6.Look correctly to the websites of some agents you can rectify that most of the contact details are fake.

Attestation of Educational Documents:

  • School Leaving Certificates Attestation.
  • College Leaving Certificates Attestation.
    • Degree Certificates Attestationdegreeattestationchennai 
  • Mark Sheets Attestation
  • Degree Certificate Attestation
  • PG Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Pre Degree Certificate Attestation
  • BE Certificate Attestation
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Certificate Attestation
  • SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate Attestation
  • Inter Certificate Attestation
  • MBBS Certificate Attestation
  • Dentists Certificate Attestation
  • Engineering Certificate Attestation
  • Transcript Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Registration Certificate Attestation
  • Pharmacy Certificate Attestation
  • B Ed Certificate Attestation
  • MS Certificate Attestation
  • MD Certificate Attestation
  • B Tech Certificate Attestation.
  • Certificate Attestation Service

Personal Documents Attestation:
Commercial Documents Attestation:
  • Certificate of origin Attestation
  • Certificate of incorporation Attestation
  • Invoices Attestation
  • Physical /chemical analysis reports of products Attestation
  • Packaging list Attestation
  • Special certificates Attestation
  • Memorandum of association Attestation
  • Power of attorney Attestation.

Apostille: India is a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents. Apostille is acceptable in 98 member-countries of the Convention. Apostille is done for personal documents like birth/death/marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc. and educational documents like degree, diploma, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc.<MORE>


3 Easy Steps to Order Attestation / Apostille Services

Step 1: Organize Your Information & Contact Us
We will need the information listed below in order to provide a quote to you:


  • Type of Document (ex: Diploma, Birth/Marriage Certificates, Company Agreement, FBI CBC, etc.)
  • Country the document is going to be used in
  • Contact information for you

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Step 2: Send us your documents
Once we have provided you with the confirmation and quote, complete these easy steps below and mail your documents to us:
Gather all your original documents.
Download the order form, fill it out and print it.
Prepare a self-addressed pre-paid envelope.
AL-MIRAAJ Apostille/Attestation Services requires a pre-paid envelope with your address to return the documents. If not included, delivery process may be delayed. International mailing can be arranged for destinations outside the INDIA.)
Make sure to include all your documents, the completed Order Form and the pre-paid self addressed envelope.and send courier to following address ..


AL-MIRAAJ (Attestation Services )alm-add
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Step 3: We process your order
Once your order is received and all the required documentation has been provided, we will process your order. Documents will be mailed out once processed using the pre-paid envelope provided. It's as easy as that!
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We will need the information listed below to provide a quote to you.
Type of Document (Diploma, Marriage/Birth Certificate, POA, Company Agreement, etc.)
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All kind of Commercial, Educational and Non-Educational
document Apostille / Attestation.
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