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Embassy Attestation

What is attestation?

The attestation is the method of checking the authenticity of a document & declaring its authenticity by attaching it with the sign of the verifying personnel. The process requires the submission of original documents as well as a xerox of the same to authorized employees for verifying and required sign/stamp on guided area.


If you want to travel to another country you will need to apply for a visa and as a matter of fact, the visa will be issued only when officials have verified your documents thus this make attestation of required documents necessary. Similarly, if you are looking for a family visa then attestation of the marriage certificate attestation is mandatory.

Types of Attestation

There are three primary kinds of attestations:

1) State Attestation

State attestation is needed prior to MEA attestation, wherever based on the type of certificate, appropriate state attestation is needed. For instance, in the event of educational certificates, attestation from State Education Department is expected. In the case of personal certificates, General Administration Department of the involving state should attest the document earlier to attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs.

2) MEA Attestation or Apostille

MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation

Embassy Attestation :
  • Qatar Embassy Attestation in India,
  • Bahrain Embassy Attestation in India.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation in India .
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation in India .
  • Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India .   
  • Malaysia Embassy Attestation in India
  • Oman Embassy Attestation in India    
  • Brazil  Embassy Attestation in India    
  • China Embassy Attestation in India  
  • Egypt Embassy Attestation in India
  • Philippines Embassy Attestation in India
  • Japan Embassy Attestation in India
  • Vietnam Embassy Attestation in India
  • Taiwan Embassy Attestation in India
  • Thailand Embassy Attestation in India
  • Russia Embassy Attestation in India
  • Sudan Embassy Attestation in India
  • Nigeria Embassy Attestation in India


Certificate Attestation :

1.Private certificate Attestation
2. Experience certificate Attestation
3.Bona-fide certificate Attestation
4. Birth certificate  Attestation           
5.Transfer certificate Attestation          
6. Affidavit Attestation.
7.Marriage certificate  Attestation 
8.Registration certificate Attestation   
9.Power of Attorney Attestation
10.Death certificate Attestation   
11.Migration certificate Attestation      
12.Translation certificate Attestation
13.Divorce certificate Attestation 
14.Transcript certificate Attestation    
15.Legalization / certificate Attestation
16.Internship/Leaving certificate Attestation
17,Nursing Certificate Attestation
18.Halal Certificate Attestation
19,Company Invoice Attestation
20,Single Status Certificate Apostille/Attestation
Educational document Attestation :
  • School Leaving Certificates Attestation.
  • College Leaving Certificates Attestation.
  • Degree Certificates Attestation
  • Mark Sheets Attestation
  • Degree Certificate Attestation
  • PG Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Pre Degree Certificate Attestation
  • BE Certificate Attestation
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Certificate Attestation
  • SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate Attestation
  • Inter Certificate Attestation
  • MBBS Certificate Attestation
  • Dentists Certificate Attestation
  • Engineering Certificate Attestation
  • Transcript Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Registration Certificate Attestation
  • Pharmacy Certificate Attestation
  • B Ed Certificate Attestation
  • MS Certificate Attestation
  • MD Certificate Attestation
  • B Tech Certificate Attestation.


3 Easy Steps to Process your Attestation / Apostille Services

Step 1 - 

Organize Your Information & Contact Us
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Embassy Attestation Process
Step 2 - 

Send us your documents
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Download the order form, fill it out and print it.
Prepare a self-addressed pre-paid envelope.
 AL-MIRAAJ Apostille/Attestation Services requires a pre-paid envelope with your address to return the documents. If not included, delivery process may be delayed. International mailing can be arranged for destinations outside the INDIA.)
Make sure to include all your documents, the completed Order Form and the pre-paid self addressed envelope.Send To:AL-MIRAAJ ( Attestation Services ) ,
10-CASA Major Road ,
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Tel : 4203 7273 ,
WhatsApp : 9176160055
Step 3 -

We Process your Order

Once your order is received and all the required documentation has been provided, we will process your order. Documents will be mailed out once processed using the pre-paid envelope provided. It's as easy as that!
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We will need the information listed below to provide a quote to you.
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