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Saudi Embassy Attestation


1.)  Is HRD Attestation Compulsory for Saudi Certificate attestation?

For Saudi attestation HRD from respective State is compulsory for all candidates irrespective of degrees and Universities.

2.)  What are the the required to be submitted  for getting attestation from Saudi Embassy in Educational Certificates ?


Required documents to be submitted for Saudi Embassy Attestation-

What is re-verification of certificate? Is it required for Saudi attestation?

Re-verification  of educational documents from the university/ board is must now. Re-verification means the copy of the degree will be sent to the university/board, The university/board is supposed to send back with Re-verification seal on the copy along with one letter of re-verification.

What is the time frame for Saudi Attestation from India?

Usual time limit now is @ 1 to 2 months and more depends on how fast the University replies to re-verify the certificates.

What are charges for Saudi Attestation from India?

Charges for MEA + SAUDI EMBASSY ATTN + University/ Board RE VERIFICATION Charges total: INR 7500/= Per degree certificate (educational). Charges may differ depending on INR to USD conversion rate at the time of attestation. For more information please click here

What are charges for Non-Educational Certificates attestation from Saudi consulates in India?

The charges for non-educational certificate may vary from INR 3000 to INR 4500 depending on the document and whether translation of document is required. For Non-educational documents, the time required is less @ few days. All Birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. are considered as as non-educational documents.