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Single Status Certificate Apostille / Attestation

Single Status Certificate Apostille -Attestation
Do you need an Apostille on a Single Status?
Are you planning on getting married in another country? If you are planning to get married in another country, you will need to obtain an Apostille on your single status affidavit. A single status affidavit is a document that states you are currently not married to another person.
Some countries may also refer to this document as:
  • Single Status Certificate / Affidavit
  • Bachelor Certificate
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • No Record of Marriage
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry
  • Certificate of No Impediment for Marriage
  • Certificate of No Record Marriage
  • Affidavit of Single Status
  • Affidavit of Marriageability
  • Certificate of No Public Record
  • Marriageability Affidavit
Single status / Bachelor certificateis a declaration of origin of your freedom to marry. Almost all countries require that a couple can provide such a certificate before they will issue a marriage licence. 

 Single status certificate now becoming very common in India also, in the Countries like Phillipines, China etc., this should be produced before marriage ,Indians if want to marry foreigners belonging to these countries have to get the single Status certificate Apostilled...
Single status affidavit India format Certificates is the act of witnessing a on its own status certificate by authorized person / persons / Departments / Attestation powers that be with their official seal and signature. This attestation as well confirms that, the particular Single status certificate has been issue by that mention department and Seal and signature on that exacting Single status certificate is genuine.The word freedom loosely means that there is a quality or a state of being free,that is, freedom exists without the need for force or constraint regarding personal elections or your actions.
Are you single? 
If you or a loved one is planning on getting married outside your country of birth and you are not from that region than it is paramount to acquire paperwork and documents that are needed.After all a wedding should be a joyous occasion. There is freedom to do things but sometimes with a little paperwork.In another country proof will be vital to demonstrate the fact that you are who you say you are. Other foreign country authorities will request documents. One of the individuals in question will need a document that states some personal information.
Are you single?
Were you married and now divorced?
Also, these kinds of details help to establish that you are intending to marry in the country you are traveling in and are proof that you are not married currently: these are essential facts. Through a sworn affidavit the affiant confirms that they are who they claim to be. The Single Status Letter or Affidavit says that they are able and free to marry among other things.Bear in mind that one fact about the Single Status Affidavit is that it is not a government document; rather, it is a letter from the affiant signed in front of a notary public.An interesting fact about this type of document is that there are many names given for it. For example look at this list: "Single Status Statutory Declaration" or a "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" or a "Single Status Certificate" or "Free-to-marry statement".A special document.Sometimes it seems like in the United States of America there is paperwork for everything
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