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UAE Tourist Visa

UAE Tourist Visa Process : 
1. Copies of Passport (Valid for at minimum period 6 months at the time of travel)
2. Confirmed return air ticket (not compulsory before applying for the visa). We would love it if you book your tickets from AL-MIRAAJ
3. Kindly specify in detail the Designation e.g. "General Manager - Sales, Vice President and Lecturer etc" in the application form.
4. Kindly specify in detail the Occupation been served, whether "Business or Self Employed" in the application form.
5. One Photo of size 4.3 x 5.5 cms colored and clear with 80% of the face clearly visible.
6. Pages exhibiting the evidence of travel and visa in current and old passport photocopies of the traveled and valid visa pages.
In The Case Of Rejection Of Visas By Emigration , The Rejection Charge Is Same In Visa Charge.

* We are not responsible for DEPORTATION 

In-case Applicants Ticket Issued Before Visa Approval , our  office is not responsible.